Order FAQ :

How do we know that the order has been confirmed?

Once the customer has booked the products, he/she will receive a confirmation mail and a call from our customer service executives shortly after.

When will we get the tracking number?

You will get the tracking number within 2 or 3 days of booking the product.

How long will it take for the order to arrive?

It will take 7 to 8 days for the order to reach the customer’s doorstep.

How can I cancel my order?
If anyone wants to cancel their product, then they have to inform us within 24 hours of ordering the product at this number (9910960354), or you can also inform us through email at info@stylebells.com. 

If the product goes out of stock?

If the product is out of stock, you will be notified via email as to when it is available with us.

Can I change my billing address after the product is ordered?

If you want to change your billing address, you must call and inform us within 24 hours of ordering the product.

Whom should I contact if I face any problems while ordering?

If a customer faces any problem in ordering the product, they can call (9910960354) our supportive staff or let us know your problem by mail (info@stylebells.com).

Payment :

Which payment method do you accept?

We accept payment through debit cards, credit cards, UPI, Paytm, Phone Pay, and Internet Banking.

How do I get the payment bill?

A payment bill will be mailed to you within 1 or 2 days of making the payment.

Shipping & Returns :

Will the local customer in Panipat also have to pay shipping charges?

No shipping charges will be levied for local customers of Panipat.

Under what circumstances will the product be returned?

If any of our customer’s products are found to be defective, damaged, or incorrect, we will first check the video made by him. If your video is verified by our team, then our team will connect with you within 3 to 4 days via phone or via email. The product will be returned within a few days of that.

If a customer has not made a video of the product, will the product be returned?

No, any product will not be taken back without making a video.

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