Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Stylebells takes user privacy extremely seriously, and we go to great lengths to follow all legal demands in that regard. We regard the value of the trust placed in us and want you to feel as comfortable as possible with our services.

Why do we collect this information?

The primary reason we gather information is to provide information on purchases, shipping status, and customer service. For instance, we may contact customers to provide contract updates, answer any questions about the shipping status, or assist in resolving any purchase-related concerns.

If you wish to delete the information from the system, you can always drop an email to the email provided at the bottom of the page. By doing so, note that your registration with Stylebells will be erased from the system and access to the features of the website.

We additionally use this data to offer our users a personalised shopping experience in order to inform them about new activities, new products, updates to the website, special offers, schemes, and additional items. We also use this data to produce our services and products, improve website content and navigation, and do design work.

When And What Information Do We Collect?

We collect some basic information necessary to service your requests, such as your name, mailing address, email, and telephone number. When you buy gift certificates or sign up for email notification, we record your specific information.

Payments are only requested when you place an order and are done so with the most current encryption to ensure the highest levels of security.

With whom will we share this information with?

Stylebells will not use your personal information for any purpose other than to complete a transaction with you. Stylebells does not rent, sell, or share your personally identifiable information and does not disclose any of your personally identifiable information to third parties.

If you’ve granted Stylebells consent to supply products or services you’ve requested and that information is essential to provide these products or services, such information can be given to Stylebells’ in-house team.

Updates on Privacy Policy

For more information on changes to our policy, please see the privacy policy periodically. This policy does not apply to our business partners, franchises, associates, or any other third parties. For more information, please consult any other parties’ privacy policies.


A cookie is a file created by a website that you visit. It makes your online experience easier and more convenient by having it remember which sites you visit and the personal information you enter on those websites. With cookies, websites can maintain your logins, keep your preferences on websites that you frequent, and offer local content to you based on your location.

We may also combine information gathered by tracking technologies and other sources with information provided by other users in order to compile you on a more user-friendly Website.

You understand that the Platform Entities and their joint ventures collect, store, and process your information with a legal purpose in mind.

You understand, agree, and agree that certain information which is classified as “sensitive personal information” according to applicable laws shall be deemed necessary for the Platform to provide various services on its Website to you and for your usage of the Website and other services provided by the Platform in relation to the Website.



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