Terms & Conditions

You will be expected to enter a substantial telephone number while submitting a request to stylebells.com. by enrolling your telephone number with stylebells.com.

Order Cancellation and refund

Stylebells.com claims all authority to cancel any request with practically no clarification for doing as such, under circumstances where Stylebells can’t meet the prerequisite of the request submitted or the request so positioned/canceled doesn’t follow the Stylebells Retail policy, or for some other explanation.

Delivery of your order

Refuse any order that arrives damaged in the box. Contact Customer Service and inform them of the damage immediately.

Online Payment

  1. Payments are all done via Stylebells website only.
  2. The platform is configured using widely accepted, industry-standard technology that helps secure the integrity of your personal information. The security system on the secure server module (SSL) will allow you to enter your credit card information before submitting it to protect the privacy of your data. All of the client information we gather is safeguarded against unapproved access. To forestall unapproved access, keep up with information exactness, and guarantee the right utilisation of data, we will utilise industrially sensible and practicable security practises and systems, as well as security techniques and advancements. We will also ensure, on the basis of sound business practices, that any specialist or outsider we use agrees to the same security standards as us for the protection of your personal information.

Only Available in India

Except if otherwise determined, the items shown on Stylebells.com are exclusively for use in India. People who wish to get to this site from different areas/countries other than India, do as such on their own drive, and Stylebells.com isn’t answerable for the stock of products/discount for the merchandise requested from different areas/countries other than India, or consistency with neighbourhood regulations, if and to the degree nearby regulations are material.


By utilising this stage or by sending messages, information, or any correspondence to us, you agree and know that you are speaking with us through an electronic medium, and along these lines, agree to get interchanges by means of the electronic medium from us intermittently or as required. We might speak with you by email or by other methods of electronic correspondence, in any case.

Delays in shipping

On occasion, we might encounter a startling deferral in the shipment of your request. In such a case, you will be informed by means of an email by the STYLEBELLS team. At the point when deferred shipments become prepared to deliver, we will email you, except if you get in touch with us and decide to drop any part of your request that has not been sent.

If your merchandise is not delivered on time

If your request doesn’t show up within the specific conveyance time period, if it’s not too much trouble, let us know. The following data is given through email to most of the orders. On occasion, requests might get delayed in transportation, conveyed to some unacceptable location, or committed to an individual other than you. This might include a relative, neighbor, collaborator, or property administrator. Bundles can also be left at your front door, carport, or in a stowed area out of sight. for reasons unknown, your conveyance has not been able to get inside the predetermined time period and can’t be situated with the following data given, kindly reach us.

On account of COD requests, our courier will make one to three attempts to convey the request, after which it will be gotten back to our distribution center. 

If, in any case, the order comes damaged,

Check the wrapping and DO NOT take delivery of an item that has been broken or damaged. Assuming any premise you can’t dismiss, acknowledge the item from the courier, notify customer administration in the span of 24 hours and we will deliver a substitution.

Drop an email to info@stylebells.com for any replacement or refund questions and we will get back to you within 24 hours of the time frame.

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